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Viral hepatitis C is a dangerous disease that can cause bad aftereffects, especially in the case of the chronic hepatitis C. The disease is so insidious because of its asymptomatic course. Patients with chronic hepatitis C can be completely unaware of the illness for many years, sometimes even decades. 

After completion of the latent phase of chronic hepatitis and against the acceleration of the inflammatory process in the liver, one can see specific clinical symptoms and laboratory values such as weakness, dark urine, loss of appetite, itching, yellowing of the skin, mucous membranes and sclera, leg swelling, palmar erythema, hemorrhagic rash on any parts of the skin, spider naevus, ascites. 

If patients with chronic hepatitis C are not antiviral treatment-experienced there is a high risk of the progression of the inflammation and fibrosis (stages 1–3) transforming into cirrhosis. This inevitably leads to serious complications and sometimes death or disability.

How to cure chronic hepatitis C subtypes 1a and 1b HCV

To date, the most effective treatment for patients with chronic hepatitis C subtypes 1a and 1b is an interferon-free antiviral therapy. Thereat, the patient does not require the administration of the pegylated interferon. It is enough to ingest the pills in the morning and evening daily for only 12 (or 24) weeks. 

Viekira pak complex includes 3 new direct-action antivirals: Ombitasvir (NS5A HCV inhibitor), Paritaprevir (NS3 / 4A HCV protease inhibitor) and Dasabuvir (nonnucleoside NS5B polymerase inhibitor of HCV), as well as the pharmacokinetic enhancer Ritonavir (CYP3A inhibitor). 

So, the antiviral complex Viekira pak offers a completely interferon-free treatment for the patients with HCV subtypes 1a and 1b. Viekira pak has approved itself in Hepatology and has been successfully used to treat patients with chronic hepatitis C subtypes 1a and 1b HCV. In Russia, Viekira pak (Fig. 1) has been registered 04/21/2015. The registration certificate PL-002 965.

Interferon-free complex Viekira pak ™ (Ireland, USA)

Fig. 1. Interferon-free complex Viekira pak ™ (Ireland, USA)

The first results on the drug use clearly show that the patients who were treated with Viekira pak, achieves remarkable success. The results of clinical studies in the US and Europe for patients with chronic HCV subtype 1a and 1b, including patients with Child’s A liver cirrhosis, showed complete healing in 96–100 % of cases! 

In Russia, Viekira pak is available for interferon-free treatment regimen of chronic hepatitis C subtypes 1a and 1b HCV. Efficacy is 96–100 %!

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Treatment with Viekira pak in the health clinic EXCLUSIVE – for the first time in St. Petersburg

For a complete and final cure, it is enough to get treatment for 12 or 24 weeks depending on the HCV subtype and stage of fibrosis. Adverse effects are observed in less than 5 % of cases. Hepatologist Dmitry Sulima (Fig. 2), an MD Professor of the First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov, provides free consultation for the patients from Russia (in Russian) and foreign countries (in English) on the medical aspects of the treatment with Viekira pak. According to the diagnostic results on the liver structure and function of the patient with HCV subtype 1a or 1b, one of the four possible schemes of the interferon-free treatment with Viekira pak will be put on. 

Anyone, including the residents of the foreign countries, can buy Viekira pak at the health clinic EXCLUSIVE. Viekira pak price for a 12-week course with a prescription of the clinic EXCLUSIVE is RUB 1.035.000 (one million thirty-five thousand Rubles). Viekira pak price in St. Petersburg is much lower than, for example, in the United States where it costs more than USD 83.000. 

Viekira pak administration can sometimes be accompanied by adverse effects, including fatigue, itchy skin, nausea, and sometimes a sleep disorder. However, it doesn’t matter much compared to almost 100% guarantee of complete recovery from chronic hepatitis C. The appearance of the adverse effects does not require the withdrawal or reduction of the dose. 

Viekira pak: Every Sunday from 12.00 to 15.00 (MSK), free online video consultation on Skype in Russian or English is available (Skype username: clinica.exclusive.spb).

Professor Dmitry Sulima provides free Skype-consultation on Viekira pak

Fig. 2. Professor Dmitry Sulima provides free Skype-consultation on Viekira pak

Viekira pak – you can buy in St. Petersburg

EXCLUSIVE is a clinical base for using Viekira pak to treat the patients with chronic hepatitis C subtypes 1a and 1b HCV. If you want to buy Viekira pak in St. Petersburg, please contact our clinic. We accept preliminary applications for Vekira pak (Fig. 3) and write prescriptions.

Viekira pak original packing in Russian

Fig. 3. Viekira pak original packing in Russian

To leave a preliminary application for Viekira pak recipe, you can send an email to Please, specify the return address @ and contact telephone number. After receiving the letter, the coordinator of the programme Viekira pak vs HCV, Professor D. L. Sulima will contact you by phone or @ and clarify the procedure for further action.

Viekira pak: Where to buy and begin treatment in St. Petersburg

The sign up for a free consultation on the program Viekira pak vs HCV carried out by Professor Dmitry Sulima to get a prescription, buy the product and begin the treatment is available daily from 09:00 to 21:00. Call +7 (812) 570-80-80 or round the clock on the page ‘appointment with a hepatologist in St. Petersburg’.

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